How to operate the temperature controller of TEC air conditioner?

For example, if you want to your cabinet keep the temperature from 25℃ to 30℃.

Firstly,  (Starting temperature value)
1. Press "M" key for 5 seconds, you will see "F01" on LCD display, then press “S “key to entering the setting menu.
2. Press "▲ and ▼ keys" key to increase or decrease the temperature which you want. If you set 30 ℃, which meant when 30℃, the TEC will start to cooling down the temperature.
3.  Press "S" key to save this data (30℃)it will show “End” on the LCD display, it means the starting temperature was setted.

Secondly, (The tolerance of starting value and stopping value)
1. Now, you will see "FO2" on LCD display. If you want to set the stopping temperature as 25℃,the tolerance should be 5 ℃. (you can adjust the tolerance by press ▲ and ▼ keys)
2. Press "S" to save the data, and you will see “F03”
3. Press  "M" key to exit the setting.
4. When temperature reach to 25℃,the TEC will stop to cooling down the temperature.

Operation video for reference