Sanda Electronic at Vietnam ETE Exhibition 2017

The Vietnam ETE was held on July 19 to July 22, 2017 which organized by Vietnam Electricity Bureau and Vietnam Electric Power Group in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center - SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamThis time, SANDA came with it's leading electricity technology, including Peltier water cooler, Thermoelectric air conditioner, which shocked lots of purchasers and attracted their attention successfully.

For this exhibition, Mr. Chen, the leader of SANDA, said that Vietnam ETE Exhibition has great significance for the development of Sanda.  It is not only a window for SANDA to profound brand influence and show Sanda's  leading R&D ability to domestic industry, but also chance to improve Sanda's public popularity in the field of electricity temperature management.

The Vietnam ETE Fair will enhance SANDA brand influence, forward the cooperation relationship between SANDA and global customers. Meanwhile, SANDA will also be committed to provide the best quality, the highest cost effective electrical cooling products.

On Vietnam ETE Show, SANDA has attracted numerous clients from all over the world and got highly approval. A variety of products covering many peltier technology was showed on the Fair, including the latest double peltier liquid to air cooler, which are coming soon. Let's looking forward to it!