The pros and cons of thermoelectric cooling units
What're the Pros of Thermoelectric cooling units?

1. No moving parts so maintenance is required less frequently                                                     
2. No chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)                                                                                           
3. Temperature control to within fractions of a degree can be maintained                                                  
4. Flexible shape (form factor); in particular, they can have a very small size                              
5. Can be used in environments that are smaller or more severe than conventional refrigeration                              
6. Long life, with mean time between failures (MTBF) exceeding 100,000 hours                                      
7. Controllable via changing the input voltage/current                                                                      

What're the Cons of Thermoelectric cooling units?

Freon cooler is 75% more efficient than Peltier cooler; Therefore, in order to recommend you the best suitable model, please kindly advise following information to go ahead.
1. Where are you planning to used? Battery cabinet; Telecom cabinet etc?
2. What is the size of the cabinet? (Length*Width*Height) Is it outdoor or indoor?
3. What's the ambient temperature? The temperature you required to cooler?
4. Is there any heating power inside? What is it?