Installation and maintenance of Sanda cooling fan

When using Sanda cross flow cooling fan, there are several tips below you should know:

1 Before installation, please check whether the fan is damaged or defomed due to packing or transportation, if any damage or defomation, the fan should not be installed or used until it is repaired.

2 Check whether the parts and screws are loosened, whether there is touching or displacement between the blade and air duct; if yes, they should be well regulated prior to installation.

3 After installation, please carry out trial run to the cooling fan, wait until it runs normally, then it can be online used.

4 If the fan has been left unused for a long time, please carry out trial to it before reusing, only when it is able to run normally that it can be online used.

5 After installation, please seal the junction box, preventing from bumt of motor caused by short-circuit due to leakage of junction box.