Intelligent dehumidifier for switchgear cabinet sheet metal

SDCS series intelligent dehumidifier device adopts semiconductor cooling dehumidify mode, under the effect of the fan, initiative make the moist air which in the confined spaces inhaled to the dehumidified air-duct, after through the semiconductor cooling mechanism, the moisture of the air condenses into the water, and then discharge from cabinet through the drain line, can achieve a good dehumidification effect. 


  1. Smart function with RS485 interface 

  2. Smaller size 130×60×243mm 
  3. Stonger dehumidifier capacity 450mL/Day  
  4. LED Display
  5. Can be customized

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     Working power:AC220V
     Dehumidifying efficiency:450ml/day(under the working conditions of 60W 35℃ RH=80%)
     Heating Power:50~500W
     Dehumidifying temperature:5℃~45℃
     Working temperature: -25℃~85℃
     Humidity detection range:20%RH~98%RH
     Temperature detection range: -25℃~125℃

     Dehumidify start value:45%RH~98%RH(Default setting65%RH) 

     Temperature start value:1℃~55℃(Default setting 8℃)

     Humidity measuring accuracy:±3%RH
     Temperature measuring accuracy:±0.5℃
     Display method:Double 3 digit display
     Display Resolution:0.1
     Shell material:Sheet Metal
     Net Weight:1.44kg

    Intelligent Dehumidifier Features 

    1. Smart Industrial Dehumidifier is small volume, light weight, convenient installation.

    2. Automatic operation and manual dehumidfication function switch, temperature adjustable start value and dehumidification start value.

    3. Dehumidification air duct setting and exhaust gas heat wet, effictively reach for electrical cabinet closed space moistureproof dehumidification comprehensive treatment.

    4. Humidity, temperature sensor, 24 hours real-time sampling, exceeds the start value automatically setting.

    5. Using special mositureproof element, shell adopts aluminum structure, guarantee the normal work in a damp environment

    Intelligent Dehumidifier Show

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    Intelligent Dehumidifier Specifications 

    Data Name

    Techinical Data

    Data Name

    Techinical Data

    Working power


    Dehumidifying efficiency

    450ml/day(under the working conditions of 60W 35℃ RH=80%)

    Heating Power


    Dehumidifying temperature




    Working temperature


    Humidity detection range


    Temperature detection range


    Dehumidify start value

    45%RH~98%RH(Default setting65%RH)

    Temperature start value

    1℃~55℃(Default setting 8℃)

    Humidity measuring accuracy


    Temperature measuring accuracy


    Display method

    Double 3 digit display

    Display Resolution


    Shell material

    Sheet Metal