48 volt peltier air cooler for telecom cabinet
SANDA thermoelectric dehumidifying device is the ideal solution for cabinets in which condensation occurs due to changing climate and operating conditions. Condensation can cause corrosion and fault conditions in electrical switchgear. The thermoelectric dehumidifying unit creates a cold spot and collects the produced condensate. The thermoelectric dehumidifiers are more energy efficient than conventionally used heaters.

Dew-point dehumidification, direct capture of water and discharged outside of the cabinet
Stronger dehumidifying capacity 450mL/Day
Visual interface, real-time display of temperature and humidity
Intelligent humidity control, adjustable humidity control range
Heating function optional
With RS485 conmmunication function
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Model No.:SD-300-48
Cooling capacity: 300W (1024 BTU/HR)
Size(MM):400*180*185mm body
(H*W*D):350*150mm mouting size
Rated Power: 610W
power:48 VDC @ 12.7AMPS
Type:Embedded mount

Construction: Aluminum Alloy(covers)
Temperature Control: Adjustable thermostat
Operating Range up to 50 degrees C(high ambient models available)

    Peltier Air Cooler Features 

    Peltier air conditioner operate by the Peltier effect (which also named thermoelectric effect). The device has two sides, when the current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other side, so one side gets colder while the other side gets hotter. The "hot" side has heat sink so it can remains at ambient temperature, while the cold side goes below room temperature. In some applications, multiple coolers can be cascaded together for lower temperature.

    Peltier Air Cooler Show

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    RV peltier air cooler

    Peltier Air Cooler Specifications 

    Model No.



    48 VDC @ 12.7AMPS

    Cooling capacity

    300W (1024 BTU/HR)


    Embedded mount


    400*180*185mm body




    350*150mm mouting size




    Aluminum Alloy(covers)

    Rated Power


    Operating Range

    up to 50 degrees C(high ambient models available)

    Temperature Control

    Adjustable thermostat


    Mounting hardware and manual

    Peltier Air Cooler Performance Chart

    Peltier Air Cooler Working Principle

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