Thermoelectric Dehumidifier device for enclosures

SANDA thermoelectric dehumidifying device is the ideal solution for cabinets in which condensation occurs due to changing climate and operating conditions.  Thermoelectric Dehumidifier removes moisture from the air within an enclosure, providing an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect electronic and electrical components from condensation.

Can be used in mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and nonmetallic enclosures
Reduces corrosion that can limit the life of internal electrical and electronic components
Condenses moisture from internal enclosure air and standing liquids
Built-in drain provision with plastic hose directs collected moisture to the Vent Drain
Mounts via DIN rail on internal panel
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Working power supply:AC110V/AC220V/DC12V/DC24V/DC48V
Heating power: 50~500W
Working power:30W 60W
Humidity measuring range:20%~98%RH
Humidity measuring accuracy: ±3%RH
Display method: Double 3-digit display
Shell material: Aluminum Alloy
Dehumidifying efficiency: 450ml/day
Dehumidify temperature: 5~45℃
Working temperature: -25~85℃
measuring range:-25~125
Temperature start value: 1~55℃ (Default setting 8℃)

    Intelligent Dehumidifer Features

    · 1. Dew-point dehumidification, direct capture of water and discharged outside of the cabinet

    · ⒉ Stronger dehumidifying capacity 450mL/Day

    · ⒊ Visual interface, real-time display of temperature and humidity

    · ⒋ Intelligent humidity control, adjustable humidity control range

    · ⒌ Heating function optional

    · ⒍ With RS485 conmmunication function

    Intelligent Dehumidifier Show 

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    Intelligent Dehumidifier Specifications 

    Data Name

    Techinical Data

    Data Name

    Techinical Data

    Working power


    Dehumidifying efficiency

    450ml/day(under the working conditions of 60W 35℃ RH=80%)

    Heating Power


    Dehumidifying temperature




    Working temperature


    Humidity detection range


    Temperature detection range


    Dehumidify start value

    45%RH~98%RH(Default setting65%RH)

    Temperature start value

    1℃~55℃(Default setting 8℃)

    Humidity measuring accuracy


    Temperature measuring accuracy


    Display method

    Double 3 digit display

    Display Resolution


    Shell material

    Aluminum Alloy



    Net Weight


    Drain line

    silica gel D10mm、L1.5m